Experience more of nature when you visit Faroe Islands

- One of the most beautiful tourist attractions of the Faroe Islands

Looking for a unique experience at the Faroese Bird Cliffs, also known as Vestmannabjørgini? You’ve come to the right site. When you take our cruise, you will see the Faroe Islands from within the different caves we will sail into. You will also experience the ocean, the birds, and the cliffs.

On this site, you will see our gallery with pictures from sailing trips around Vestmannabjørgini. We also organize trips Mykines, Saksun, Eiði, Gjógv, and other places in the Faroe Islands.


Vestmannabjørgini Sp/F

FO-350 Vestmanna
Faroe Islands
Tel. +298 42 41 55
Fax +298 42 43 83


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